Butterbaugh Tax Solutions Group LLC
P.O. Box 216
Middletown, DE  19709

Phone:  302-757-1334
Email:  RButterbaugh@buzam.net


As dictated by the scope of services requested we will build and coordinate a team comprised of a nationally known group of licensed and designated valuation appraisers, experienced industry practitioners and subject matter experts to provide the highest level of resources to each project.

For more information, please contact Robert Butterbaugh or Chris Zamora at the numbers listed below and inquire about a free feasibility analysis. This high level analysis will be completed by one of our experienced professionals and will identify if there is a basis to contest your assessment.

Zamora & Associates, LLC
3579 W 111th Drive, Unit B
Westminster, Colorado  80031

Phone:  720-938-3128
Email:  CRZamora@buzam.net